alaska, Fantasy/Shifter

Shifters are Moving to Alaska

Pacific Northwesterners and Alaskans:

Beware! New Shifter alert! 



I’m writing a Shifter book and thought you might like to get a little taste:


“Go get your things. Make it for a few nights. Take your work and whatever else you need with you.” At that statement, the little human with the now bright green eyes darted those beauties around the room and then down to examine her hands. She is about to lie to me.

“No, I’m fine. Really. I was just being a big baby.”

I grab her hair tighter than I had intended but it got her attention. “Don’t lie to the big bad wolf, baby, because I’ll have to punish you.” I leaned closer. “And I like punishing naughty girls.”

She shivered and her pink tongue peeked out to lick her lips. God, she was killing me. “Go. I’m taking you to my sister’s place.” I watch her start to lie to me again about being fine or some such garbage and I cut her off. I really do enjoy punishing naughty lobas. I imagine I’ll love punishing her more. “Don’t lie to me, baby. You’ll like Suzanne. She’s very nurturing.”

“Unlike you, you mean?”


She watched me. “But what if I like the big bad wolf?”

She was playing with lava fire and crazy though it was I really think this little one knows it. “Go. You have ten minutes.”


Happy August!


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