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Wild Alpha Promise

Here is a little tidbit from my upcoming Book:


Wild Alpha Promise


Book 2

Alphas in the Wild Series


An hour later, Madison opened the door to a man with a mission, and she had a good idea she was it. Larger than life, Cade strode into the apartment, closing and locking the door before taking her into his arms and kissing the stuffing out of her. Finally coming up for air and breathing hard, her libido in overdrive, she looked into his nearly black eyes. He shook his head and dropped one more luscious kiss on her red lips before grabbing her by the waist and laying her, belly down, on the kitchen bar.

Searing pain streaked across her bottom. Before she could process what was happening, Cade had roasted her rear end with lightning fast slaps. He stopped. Maddie sighed her relief until he yanked down her sweat pants and her panties in one swift movement. The next thing she knew, he was slamming the flat of his hand on her ass again.

“Cade, please, I’m sorry.”

“Glad you’re sorry, but it’d gone better for you if you had spoken to me before taking off half-cocked. Now, there isn’t anything but the consequences. Mine and Luke’s.”

“Luke’s here?” she asked.

“You focused on that? No, he’s at home, so you will have to stew over what he’s going to do to you when he gets his hands on your butt. I like to get mine over with.” He landed another round of untrackable swats on what she was sure was her glowing red bottom.

“Cade, I’m really sorry.” Her voice was beginning to wobble.

“I love you, Madison, and when you do something so unsafe, it makes me crazy. I’m to keep you safe, and you keep throwing yourself into unsafe situations, but no more. Do you hear me? Not one more time will you put my woman into danger. Promise me you will think first and then ask one of us for input. Promise me.”

Her voice was waterlogged, “You love me?”

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Don’t lie to the big bad wolf

Books were her first love – full of shifters and romance, fantasy and unfulfilled dreams. Can Hunter and Gage live up to her expectations?

Erin is a loner not out of choice, but due to tragedy. When she is approached by a writer living in the wilds of Alaska offering her the chance of a lifetime, she jumps on board. She has a good feeling about the move, but the Pandora’s box she is about to open could end her life.

Gage and Joshua are business partners in the community of Wolf Pass, Alaska, and they’ve learned to keep their personal lives secret from the human world because they would not be understood outside of the Native Alaskan community. They are shifters of the werewolf variety. Hunter is the local Alpha, and Gage, his Beta.

When Erin’s boss dies a gruesome death, Alpha Hunter and Daddy Gage introduce their own brand of taking care of business when the police fail to handle the investigation. It is soon discovered that Erin is at the center of the chaos – whether or not she wants to be – and her life is in grave danger from several simultaneous sources.

Can Hunter and Gage earn Erin’s trust quickly enough for her to allow them to keep her safe and eliminate the threat? They must, for there is no other way to save her life – and their future.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, steamy shifter romance contains elements of fantasy, danger, mystery, suspense, paranormal elements, adventure and ménage.



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