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Wild Alpha Promise

Here is a little tidbit from my upcoming Book:


Wild Alpha Promise


Book 2

Alphas in the Wild Series


An hour later, Madison opened the door to a man with a mission, and she had a good idea she was it. Larger than life, Cade strode into the apartment, closing and locking the door before taking her into his arms and kissing the stuffing out of her. Finally coming up for air and breathing hard, her libido in overdrive, she looked into his nearly black eyes. He shook his head and dropped one more luscious kiss on her red lips before grabbing her by the waist and laying her, belly down, on the kitchen bar.

Searing pain streaked across her bottom. Before she could process what was happening, Cade had roasted her rear end with lightning fast slaps. He stopped. Maddie sighed her relief until he yanked down her sweat pants and her panties in one swift movement. The next thing she knew, he was slamming the flat of his hand on her ass again.

“Cade, please, I’m sorry.”

“Glad you’re sorry, but it’d gone better for you if you had spoken to me before taking off half-cocked. Now, there isn’t anything but the consequences. Mine and Luke’s.”

“Luke’s here?” she asked.

“You focused on that? No, he’s at home, so you will have to stew over what he’s going to do to you when he gets his hands on your butt. I like to get mine over with.” He landed another round of untrackable swats on what she was sure was her glowing red bottom.

“Cade, I’m really sorry.” Her voice was beginning to wobble.

“I love you, Madison, and when you do something so unsafe, it makes me crazy. I’m to keep you safe, and you keep throwing yourself into unsafe situations, but no more. Do you hear me? Not one more time will you put my woman into danger. Promise me you will think first and then ask one of us for input. Promise me.”

Her voice was waterlogged, “You love me?”

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Book 1 out NOW


Don’t lie to the big bad wolf

Books were her first love – full of shifters and romance, fantasy and unfulfilled dreams. Can Hunter and Gage live up to her expectations?

Erin is a loner not out of choice, but due to tragedy. When she is approached by a writer living in the wilds of Alaska offering her the chance of a lifetime, she jumps on board. She has a good feeling about the move, but the Pandora’s box she is about to open could end her life.

Gage and Joshua are business partners in the community of Wolf Pass, Alaska, and they’ve learned to keep their personal lives secret from the human world because they would not be understood outside of the Native Alaskan community. They are shifters of the werewolf variety. Hunter is the local Alpha, and Gage, his Beta.

When Erin’s boss dies a gruesome death, Alpha Hunter and Daddy Gage introduce their own brand of taking care of business when the police fail to handle the investigation. It is soon discovered that Erin is at the center of the chaos – whether or not she wants to be – and her life is in grave danger from several simultaneous sources.

Can Hunter and Gage earn Erin’s trust quickly enough for her to allow them to keep her safe and eliminate the threat? They must, for there is no other way to save her life – and their future.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, steamy shifter romance contains elements of fantasy, danger, mystery, suspense, paranormal elements, adventure and ménage.



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Shandi’s Surrender

I read a book recently and wanted to share this author with you.

Also, I have a new series out later this week: I told you Shifters were in Alaska… They are everywhere and have been here for eons.

                                      Alphas in the Wild


First book in the series is:

Wild Alpha Fantasy

How do you fight an unknown enemy?



Now, I have a treat for you. Let me introduce to you:

Sheridan Knight

She had written a dystopian trilogy: Heroes of Neoma

Book 3 is out:


Shandi’s Surrender




sheridan knight cover


Here is the back cover:

He and she posed such a tired cliché – two broken people who together mended. Who wouldn’t think it took a monster to love a monster?
Ezio takes whatever and whomever he needs, hoping that one day his torment or his life might end. He hates everything and everyone. He’s been abandoned and left for dead. He feels nothing. He feels for no one. While procuring human males for the orange ‘bug’ king, he captures a female by mistake. She’s mouthy. She’s persistent. She’s strong-willed. She’s everything he respects in a combatant, but not in a female. He knows he will never dominate her, but she’s the only one he’s found in over a decade who makes him yearn, more than he breathes, to do just that.

Shandi has been violated and degraded, but she will endure anything to ensure her younger sister’s future – even if it requires she enter into a horrific agreement with the enemy. Taken by a barbarian of a man, forced to complete the tasks she arranged but doubted she ever could, she and Ezio set in motion what may result in the death of many. Finding and having one another becomes more than either of them expected.

Although part of a series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone, however the experience may be enhanced by reading them in order.


Here’s what you’ll find inside:

She rested well. Ezio on the other hand did not. He dreaded what he must do. Different scenarios played out in his mind while she slept, but he saw no better one than the one he must perform. She whimpered in her sleep on and off. How did he come to care so much for her? Perhaps it could have been anyone. He had been alone for so long, at least ten years. No need to delay things. Several times he contemplated confiding in her. He wouldn’t give Luke and the others the satisfaction. He couldn’t. Let them experience some of what he did a year ago.

Inhaling her scent one last time, he nudged her with his chin. “Time to get going.” He scooted away from her and jumped down from the tree.

Instinctively, her arms shot up hugging the trunk. “You could have given me a minute to wake up and realize my surroundings. Maybe even helped me down from here,” she snapped.

He chuckled at her feistiness and anticipated gripes. He would miss her. No one ever made him laugh. She did. “I’m sure you can manage. Dangle your legs to the next lower branch and shimmy down. I’ll catch you if I have to.”

Watching as she made her way down, he hoped she fell. He wanted her in his arms again. Damn it, he needed to get this done. Never one to falter on any decision he made, he found he did that day, and it pissed him off.

“You too, Oliver. Get on down here. We have a lot of ground to cover today.” He walked away from the tree he and Shandi shared once he saw she almost made it to the ground. He heard her hit the ground and fall, but he planned to keep his distance. Committed to behaving in his usual manner, he barked orders at her. “Keep up. You know what’s out here on the ground now, so I shouldn’t have to tell you again.”

Clomping over, she joined him and Oliver. The aliens floated down, flapping, and hovering together off to the side. He knew a battle would ensue, but with everyone in place, he proceeded. “Where’s the implant, Shandi?”

Her head jolted back, her wide eyes pinned on his. “Why? This isn’t where I’m supposed to do it. My orders were to activate it when I’m inside their community.”

“Answer the question!” he hollered.

“Are we close? You just said we had a lot of ground to cover. Why do you want to know? You said it’s safeguarded ensuring I initiate it near humans. You said it will discharge if I don’t. If I send them to the wrong area there’s no telling how they might retaliate,” she argued.

“I lied,” he confessed, but not about everything. He expected this. He planned for this. Confident they were within a safe range, he went over his conclusions again in his mind. If he did this at any other location, especially the tunnel entrance in the frozen quadrant, he directed the New Society straight to the humans. Gesturing to the bugs, he pointed to Oliver. They flapped their limbs faster, the sound amplified in the otherwise silent region. “They are preparing to attack Oliver. I only need give one more signal.”

“You fucking monster! I thought you were releasing him. You brought him to manipulate me. I hate you,” she screamed.

Lifting his hand to give the next command, he admitted, “I’m used to being hated.”

“Under my left arm… inward toward my ribs, it’s embedded in one of them,” she blurted, each syllable laced with disgust and defeat.

Lowering his arm, the aliens slowed and quieted. Closing the distance between them, he took her left arm in his hand raising it and dropping it on her head. “How did they instruct you to activate it? Don’t lie to me.” He figured it would take a specific series of taps with substantial pressure to engage it. The desire to cut it out of her erupted inside him, but he knew how the devices worked. If dislodged prior to activation, it detonated within seconds and exploded. It would provide the New Society their current location. Once activated, it became inactive. She would be safe. Well, she wouldn’t have the option of allowing it to terminate her life. To guarantee she told him the truth, he would cut it out of her. If she didn’t give him the correct information, they would all die.

She stood there, her chin up in defiance, and her eyes seething with loathing. “Just let me go. We don’t have to do this.”

Flipping his hand, palm up, he bounced it. Horrible sounds came out of the aliens. Their mouths gaped open and the noise they discharged reverberated in his chest and head. Shandi slapped her hands over her ears. Her eyes slammed shut. Fisting her hair, he forced her to look at the beings. They buzzed around Oliver. Their stingers moved closer and closer to him as they maneuvered them all around him. They tapped him a few times, but didn’t penetrate his flesh.

“Stop it! You win. Three taps of three. Two of two. No time in between each series,” she retorted, including an exaggerated huff and grunt. Swinging her arm from her head back to her side, she stiffened her shoulders. He observed the extreme emotion in her eyes. He half expected her to break down crying, begging him to not have her do this. She took the opposite route, glaring at him as if she wanted him dead. Which reaction he preferred, he didn’t know.

“Do it now. No need to delay. Or shall I?” he insisted.

“I won’t. I told you how.” Returning her left arm over her head, she pointed. “Right there. Get it done.”

He positioned his fingertips to the spot, pressing hard the count she provided. She winced with each push he made. When he completed, he noticed her eyes were wet. Time for the next step. He wanted it done.

Opening his bag, he retrieved a small vial from the bottom. “You did good, Shandi. I want you to know that. I need to be certain this actually sent the signal. I’m going to remove the implant. If you deceived me, not only will we all die, but a war will likely ensue between the bugs and the humans. Each will believe they are under attack when the explosion occurs.”

“You can’t be serious! You’re going to cut it out of me… right here? In the darkness and without any sedative or appropriate equipment? I could get an infection. If you wanted me to die you should have let me go and die on my own,” she argued.

Gripping and squeezing her mouth, he raised the vial to her lips. “Just shut up and drink this. You won’t feel or remember a thing. I’m doing this with or without you unconscious.”

Sticking her tongue far out past her nose and chin he paused. Never did he hesitate. He stared at her, memorizing her oversized eyes, her white hair, and her challenging attitude. What the hell? He lowered the vial, pulled her to him, and kissed her long and hard. His lips moved over her soft ones. Using his tongue, he circled it inside her lips, sucked the tip of her tongue. She didn’t resist. Moaning slightly, she rubbed her tongue over his upper lip before stroking his tongue with hers. He wished it didn’t have to end. But it did. And he needed to stop stalling. Touching his nose to hers, he broke the kiss. Positioning the vial at her mouth, she opened wide enough for him to slip it inside and empty the contents.

Her nose brushed his and he knew she swallowed all of it. “The final requirement is that you don’t tell anyone what you’ve done. No one. Oliver will return with me. His life is in your hands. If I receive any indication that you haven’t followed these demands, he will suffer. I promise to not have him compete in any of the tournaments. He will be safe.”

Inhaling deeply, she whimpered, “Why are you doing this? You tricked me. I did everything you ask–,” she stammered. Her eyes rolled back, and her body slumped.

Snatching her to him before she hit the ground, he closed his eyes, relishing the feel and smell of her.


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